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Amazing Me Fundraising Day

Celebrate on the final day you take part in Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel.
Wear non-uniform, raise money and include everyone.

Active journeys—that’s walking, using a wheelchair, scooting and cycling—are amazing. They are good for the environment and good for your health. We think that deserves celebrating.

We want to celebrate how amazing your pupils have been taking part in Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel and learning about the benefits of active travel.

Amazing Me Day is a great way to involve all pupils in Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel. We suggest you hold it on the last day of the event. If you can’t take part on this day, you can choose another day during the challenge.

It is also the perfect day to make sure all your journeys are logged to Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel website.

You can also use the day to fundraise for Sustrans, please email fundraising@sustrans.org.uk for more information.

Over the years, thousands of children across the UK have dressed up during Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel. Everyone has a great time and at the same time raise funds for Sustrans.

How it works

1. Tell parents

Download our letter home to parents.

2. Encourage the kids to wear something of their choice

3. Additional activities

Log your journeys

Log your journeys to the Big Walk and Wheel website to find out your final score.

Announce your school’s winners

If you are running any competitions within your school (e.g. best individual effort, top class result) this is a good opportunity to announce winners.

4. Fundraise for Sustrans

Ask all pupils who dress up to give £1. Collect and donate the money to Sustrans (details on how to donate below) or use towards the school’s active journey projects.

How your support makes a difference

If you choose to fundraise on Amazing Me Day, thanks!

All money raised for Sustrans allows us to run Big Walk and Wheel and will help us to enable thousands of children to walk, use a wheelchair, scoot or cycle to school every day – making the school run safer and healthier. We’d like to see every child enjoying a healthier, happier and safer journey to school.

Visit the Sustrans website to find out more about us.

Paying in donations


Send a cheque payable to Sustrans, along with your school name and address to:

Imi Farmer
Supporter Care Team
2 Cathedral Square
College Green

Or you can easily make a payment online using this link.

Want to pay by a different method? No problem, just email fundraising@sustrans.org.uk